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The Forest At Night: A Halloween Spectacular

Imagine, it’s Halloween night, and you’re walking through a forest. Flying squirrels glide over you, rats scatter across your feet.

Sure, some animals are scary. Some are even scarier at nighttime. So, before you go trick-or-treating, why don’t you read this article?

Rodent #1: Rats


Okay, so, maybe you already know about them from one of my earlier articles, but did you know enough?

Did you know that they’re nocturnal? That means, they’re going to be out trick-or-treating with the other nocturnal animals, too.

And now, for some “spooky rat facts”!

  1. Rats can never stop chewing. If they stop chewing, they die.

  2. A set of rat-teeth is strong enough to cut through concrete!

  3. Rats have pouches, kind of like kangaroos!

  4. Some rats grow to be the size of a house cat!

Remember my “don’t be afraid of rats” article? It’s okay to be afraid of them. Some facts about them are cool, some are not-so-cool. Don’t worry, I’m keeping this scary post PG.

Rodent #2: Beavers


Beavers: the nocturnal rodents “of the water tribe”. They’re pretty cool animals, right? Okay, you get a free pass on this one. Maybe they’re not that scary as much as they may look scary(do they really, though?)

  1. Beavers are among the largest living rodents in the world.

  2. Like rat teeth or rabbit teeth, beaver teeth never stop growing! They have to chew stuff to keep them from sprouting out of their mouth!

  3. Beavers are amazing architects. They work all day and they work all night, and sometimes are referred to as “lumberjacks”!

  4. Well, they aren’t extinct, but they may be going endangered!

Rodent #3: Flying squirrels


These nocturnal adorable little fluff-balls with big bitey teeth are pretty cool, right? Because they can fly, and walk, and they don’t eat your laundry like a goat! They aren’t the scariest of all animals, but when you’re walking around Halloween night, and you see a weird shape fly over you, you might be a little terrified.

  1. Some flying squirrels GLOW at night.

  2. 90% of all the flying squirrels exist only in Asia!

  3. Watch out! Flying squirrels aren’t known as a “health Hazzard”, but they do have sharp teeth!

  4. Some flying squirrels are larger than a house-cat!

When you’re out trick-or-treating, don’t mistake this cute animal for a ghost! Even if it glows!


Some pet owners dress up their pets for Halloween. Let’s look at some of the costumes!

  1. Witchy Rat This rat has some serious fashion taste! (source: Pinterest)

2. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

This cute rat is dressed up and ready to get some candy on the Yellow Brick Road! Maybe she and Toto can go together? (source: Pinterest)

3. Candy-corn delight

Name another time a rat has stolen your heart this much! This rat is dressed up and ready for some yummy delight! It’s a candy-corn rat! (source: Pinterest)

4. Bug or rodent? Rat

This one is an unforgettable bundle of cuteness! He’s got some origins from all over the place, doesn’t he? (source: Pinterest)

5. The MEGA rat dinosaur!

This rat is so cute! He’s big, too! But don’t fear this little guy. It’s only for Halloween, right? (source: Pinterest)

6. Chef Ratty-Tatty

Okay, he’s cute. And he’s going to cook up some nice Halloween candy for us! (source: Pinterest)

Which costume or fact was your favorite? Who was the spookiest?

Happy Halloween everyone!

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