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RATS! Hated, Or Loved?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

We all tend to have opinions. And almost everyone agrees that rats are the most disgusting creatures in the world. When you see that long, bare, sleek tail slivering across the floor… gliding across the sky, are you going to scream? Of course, rats are definitely unwanted critters in many people’s houses. But, rats are also pets. And, who doesn’t love the hilarious rat, Rizzo, from the muppets?

I can’t change your mind, but I can tell you some fascinating facts about rats that might make you hate them a little less.

  1. Everyone thinks rats are mischievous. And, the truth is, all animals are mischievous at times. A group of rats is called a “mischief”! That’s more legitimate naming, right?

  1. Rats are mainly nocturnal and live underground. Although they vastly outnumber humans, we rarely see them. They are pros at being sneaky and staying out-of-sight!

  1. Rats have super strong teeth. And, the coolest part is, they never stop growing! They have to keep nibbling things or else they’d never be able to eat, because their teeth would get so insanely big!

  1. A rat’s whisker is more sensitive than human fingertips! Isn’t that crazy? They brush the long hairs against objects or the floor, helping them build up a detailed picture of their environment.

  1. Rat eyes are on each side of their face. They can move in different directions, and they can even see what’s happening above them!

  1. Rats wash themselves by licking their fur consistently. They sometimes comb it back with their teeth! They’re so clean!

  1. A Rat’s long tail is used for balance and to keep themselves cool. They can direct some of their body heat out through them!

  1. Lastly, rats are AMAZING SWIMMERS! They can hold their breaths for several minutes under-water.

You may still think that rats are gross, but at least you’ve come back from reading this post with a little insight on how cool rats are. On the outside, they just look like creepy, crawly critters. But, on the inside, they’re truly fascinating! A lot of people don’t know that much about rats, and mistake them for a piece of junk! How rude! Hopefully, more people can read this and realize… “hey, rats aren’t all bad!”

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