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LA Builds a Bridge for Mountain Lions

I'm sure you've driven on a bridge, but have you ever heard of a bridge for animals?

Los Angeles county is divided into patches of habitat by roads like 101, 110, and 405. Mountain lions are isolated, and can't find mates unless they cross the highways, where they might be hit by a car or cause an accident. So Save LA Cougars, the National Wildlife Federation, and over 2,500 donors have raised $15 million dollars, to create a 165 foot bridge for animals. It will go over the 101 in Liberty Canyon, and will be covered in trees and dense vegetation, to make it as quiet as possible, so the mountain lions will be comfortable. It will connect Malibu Creek State Park/Santa Monica Mountains and Palo Comado Canyon. According to Save LA Cougars, if fundraising continues, the groundbreaking can start as early as 2021. Help build the animal overpass here.

View the full article here.

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