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How to keep your pet safe on Halloween

It’s tempting to give your furry friend a piece of candy, or dress him up in a cute costume, but these aren't always good ideas. Learn how your pet can have fun and stay safe on this spooky night, with these seven tips.

  1. Keep cats inside. In Medieval times, black cats have been seen as a bad luck, and some people still believe this, and may try to hurt your cat.

  2. Keep your pets away from the door. They might get frightened by trick-or-treaters, and if your dog likes to bark, trick-or-treaters might get scared.

  3. Keep jack-o’-lanterns out of reach from pets. Candles are easily tipped by a tail or paw, and the flame might burn them.

  4. Keep all candy out of reach of pets. Chocolate can be deadly, and candy wrappers when swallowed can cause choking. Instead, give your dog a dog treat.

  5. Remember to pick up makeup or face paint, as they can be toxic to pets. Don’t let dogs lick your face if you have face paint or make up on.

  6. Don’t dress your pet costume if they don’t like it. Check to make sure that the costume fits, and your dog is comfortable.

  7. Don’t take your dog trick or treating. Kids may have a hard time handling your dog with all the excitement, and he may get loose. Your dog may also jump on people, or bark loudly, and scare other kids.

Have fun, stay safe, and happy Halloween!

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