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How to collect and use gray water

First of all, what is gray water? Well, it’s basically all the unused waste water that comes from showers, clothes washers, and sinks. It’s relatively clean, and can be used to water plants, instead of going to the sewage system. Don’t confuse gray water with black water, which is waste water from toilets, and shouldn’t be reused.

There are two ways to collect gray water. You can collect it manually, with just a bucket and a jug, or using simple piping. To collect manually, just place a bucket inside a shower when the water is heating up, or put in the stopper to collect all the water when you finish. Simple piping uses plumbing connections from the shower, sink, or washing machine’s drain pipe, to the lawn. You can build one yourself with little effort and not a lot of materials.

Why should you use gray water? Well, it conserves water, by reusing old water instead of consuming new water. It also reintroduces nutrients that would have been lost to the sewage system.

Using gray water is an easy, efficient way to help the planet, and give back to the earth that has already given so much to us.

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